Tuesday, October 13, 2009

September as a whole.

So, I think I have mentioned this already. But Mayva, the naughty puppy monster, chewed my computer cord. Not in one spot, but in three. So I have not had a computer in almost two months. My most awesome sister in law bought me one off ebay (being that she had already had this experience several times) but it never came. The guy sent it to California. I'm certainly not there, I'm in Lawton, Oklahoma. Long story short about a month later...I FINALLY received my computer cord. I am trying to update quickly and as short as possible - being that I have a horrible memory I forget what has happened. Hopefully now, once I am all updated I will post more often.

I feel like September came and went. It flew by. I have posted based on pictures because if it was eventful enough I took pictures. Therefore I will remind myself what happened based on the pictures that I took. :) Just a picture of the hubby and our puppy girl relaxing after he got home from work. She is a SUCKER for her belly scratched! :)

We have waited for September since we got to Oklahoma. While at Christopher's graduation, everyone made plans to have a BBQ over Labor Day because there would be a bunch of Chris' buddies from West Point here. Finally, Labor Day came. Sarrah came a few days early and her husband was in the field so she hung out with me. It was awesome because she kept me company. We had a BLAST together - to say the least. She is the funniest thing ever. We did a lot of laughing, to the point of almost wetting our pants a few times, and it was so good to have someone around. I haven't laughed that hard and so much in a long time! :)

On Friday night, September 4th she finally got to see her husband and we all went to Kobe, a Japanese restaurant, for dinner and then went and played miniature golf. Christopher won, and I'm pretty sure Kyle and I tied for second. Sarrah would just hit the ball so many times until she just called it 5 on each hole. :) Then we went to Braum's - an ice cream place here and went back to the house to play guitar hero.

Sarrah and I chilling watching the husbands play guitar hero. I miss her SO much and wish we were going to live closer to each other. Maybe one day. The Army is smaller than you think.

Kyle and Christopher tag-teaming on guitar hero. Christopher strumming while Kyle pressed the keys on hard. They made a pretty good team! :)

On Saturday, September 5th we went to the commissary and had lunch at Church's Chicken. Please believe they have the BEST fried chicken, fried okra, mashed potatoes and gravy and BISCUITS in the world. It's fast food...and WAY better than Popeye's, which I never thought was possible. It was the first Gator game of the season. So, after lunch we went home to watch the game. Christopher and I had to sport our Gator wear out in Oklahoma! :)

Christopher and I before lunch sporting the Gator wear in Oklahoma. Have to REPRESENT! :)

Kyle and Sarrah being good sports and chilling with us while we watched the football game that they could have cared less about! :) Great friends. We had Buffalo Wild Wings at the house for dinner and just hung out. Fun times. And let me not forget we went to the pet store and Kyle had to buy Mayva some toys. He bought her 5 or more. He loved Mayva, and Mayva loved him. He played with her EVERY time he came to the house for the entire time that he was there. She fell in love and misses him very much.

Mayva with her tongue toy that Uncle Kyle bought for her! :) Funny stuff!

On Sunday, September 6th Christopher actually got up with Mayva and let me sleep. It was AMAZING! And the FIRST time since we've had her. I normally don't mind. But it was so nice to sleep in. I was exhausted. So much so I woke up and found myself drooling! And I also woke up to the smell of something. I was scared. Christopher does not know how to cook worth anything. But somehow he figured it out on his own. And he made us breakfast!!! :) It put the biggest smile on my face. And it was amazing.

The chef himself. :)

The breakfast he made us. Strawberries. Jalapeno cheese. And bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel. Yum! :)

After breakfast I cleaned the house while Christopher went out hunting for bookshelves. He bought two to put in our upstairs bedroom for all of the books that we have. (side note: Christopher kept EVERY book he was ever issued at West Point! Mom, you thought I was a pack rat...I have met my match and worse. You should see the stuff this boy doesn't want to get rid of! - another reason why we are meant for each other - we are sentimental people) Kyle came over and helped him put the bookshelves together while Sarrah and I made our food for the BBQ. Brian's parents hosted the BBQ at their house. We ate, went swimming and just hung out with a bunch of Chris' buddies and their wives and girlfriends from West Point. It was a blast and so much fun to be with everyone again. I should have taken a picture of our dishes but I made my first dish as a wife to take to a dinner. I was proud. I made texas potatoes and Sarrah made green bean casserole and she doesn't normally cook. They both came out wonderful if I do say so myself! :)
Me and my puppy girl on the way to the BBQ.

The hubs and I chilling outside with our puppy!

Everyone at the BBQ. Such a fun time!!!

Christopher with Kyle and James. Miss these boys!

My BEAUTIFUL puppy girl laying in the grass. She doesn't have a yard. She was loving LIFE! :)

So I was an awesome mother and had Mayva's bag packed for while we were gone. I brought her a tupperware bowl so she could have some water. She LOVES flipping the bowls over. So, every time I filled it up she would dump it completely over. So Mr. Rulison was so concerned she get some water that he gave her this big aluminum foil pan! :) But she had to crawl and step in it. She is CRAZY! :)

First time in a pool and second time in the water. She LOVED IT! Swimming with Daddy!

Taking a break on the side of the pool with Mommy. She jumped right back in.

My super handsome hubby and I. Taking a break from the puppy monster in the pool.

Another one of Mayva's best friends, Drew. He loves her so much! :)
On Monday, September 7th, we went to lunch at Meers. It was quite a ridiculous wait. But the food was good regardless. After lunch we were driving headed towards the refuge with Kyle, Sarrah and James and we stumbled upon this place called the Holy City. We stopped. We walked around and took some pictures, but it seemed like a pretty creepy place.

CJC and I in front of the Holy City.
Sarrah, Christopher and Kyle. Great friends.
Christopher had off Tuesday, September 8th. I had to take Sarrah to the airport. She didn't want to leave and I didn't want her to. We had a nice relaxing day before Christopher had to go back to work.
The pictures from below are from Saturday, September 12th. We had a rain storm, it rained ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! And didn't stop. Let's just say Lawton has the WORST drainage system EVER! It flooded in front of our apartment complex. Almost to the point of coming inside people's doors. It was AWFUL! At one point we were so stir crazy, Mayva needed to go potty and Christopher took her out and let her go. She had a BLAST in the lake in front of our house. And it was great entertainment for us! :)
The pond in front of our door. At one point it was over the sidewalk.

Mayva taking off from our front door to Christopher. It didn't take her long. He called her name and she took off running.

This picture is kind of blurry, but she was running around too fast. She was having SO much fun! :)

Christopher and Mayva playing in the rain.

Playing with Daddy.

Running back to come inside.

Her lovely father let her inside SOPPING WET! :)
Ever since we got Mayva, she has ALWAYS tried to get more than one toy in her mouth. Sometimes she succeeded, others she didn't. But now that she is getting bigger, her mouth is bigger, so she has NO problem fitting more than one thing in her mouth. She usually always has to have two at a time. Below are just a few pictures of her.

She's saying "look mom, I have two toys in my mouth" :)
and again. :)
I had to take this picture because number one, look how big she is! When she was a puppy, she just sat in the little corner. And number two, because it isn't often when Mayva is sleeping and quiet! :) This is when I love her most. :)
September was a lot of firsts for Mayva and one big one for us. Mayva lost her first puppy tooth. And since, has lost a lot more. She also learned how to jump on our bed by herself. Which was HUGE! She kind of did it on accident, and when it happened, she didn't even really know what had happened. There are pictures below of all these different events. And we had our first experience of tarantulas. There are also pictures below.

Terrible attempt at me trying to get pictures of Mayva's first tooth lost on Monday, September 14th.
Lesson learned: don't leave the toilet paper where Mayva can get it. She will destroy it! :)
Thursday, September 17th was my first look at a real, live tarantula. They are very big and disgusting!

Our neighbor trying to put it in the cup.
Its legs were bigger than the bottom of the cup!
It got away. What it looks like on concrete.
JP trying to throw it over the fence. We got rid of it. We have since seen two more.
Christopher's buddies, Kyle and James came by to say goodbye the night before they left.
Rare occassion when Mayva lays on her pillow while we eat dinner. I had to take a picture! :)

Mayva likes to sit on the couch in her daddy's room. She sits and waits for him sometimes. :)
Everyone always told me eventually Mayva would go in her bed by herself and sleep. I kept thinking YEAH RIGHT. This was one of the first times she did! :) Christopher hates it when she does this. He tells her "Mayva, you have a comfortable couch - get out of there!" :)
This was right after she jumped on the bed for the first time. She didn't even really know what had happened. :) This happened on Saturday, September 19th.
Mayva got into my eyeshadow. It was gold. Needless to say she was VERY glittery for a while. NAUGHTY PUPPY!!!
On Sunday, September 20th at the pet store where we get most of Mayva's stuff they had a photographer. So after church we took Mayva to get her picture taken. It was kind of ridiculous and we waited almost two hours. But she was such a good girl. There were a bunch of other dogs and mean ones, so we put her in the cart to keep her safe. :)
Cute puppy, waiting to get her picture taken.

Probably wanting to get out.
I had to take this picture, because I had called Mayva for a while. She just discovered on this day that she could crawl under the bed. Well, she THOUGHT she was hiding from me. But she wasn't. I walked in my room after she didn't come to me for a while and saw a black nose sticking out the bed skirt. My puppy girl is ridiculous!!! But she makes me laugh so much.
On Monday, September 21st I had asked Christopher what he wanted for dinner. He told me arepas. So, arepas it was. He actually helped me make them and they turned out AMAZING!!!!! We can't find any harina out here. We used the one bag and hopefully my mom will be sending us much more super soon.

Me rolling.
Christopher frying. Don't they look amazing.
He actually helped me cook! And did a GREAT job! :) I am teaching him. Slowly, but surely. He can probably make these by himself now. ALMOST.
Mayva was actually being a super good puppy girl FOR ONCE. Letting us cook. ;)
Finally, that's about it for September. Not too much else happened. As always, more pictures are on our web site. http://picasaweb.google.com/chris.n.court.carnes
Christopher and Courtney