Thursday, August 27, 2009

The rest of August

Quite a lot has happened since I updated this more than a month ago! But thanks to the little puppy girl, Mayva Jade, chewing my computer cord. I have been completely without a computer. So, I didn't want this to happen again - but I have a feeling this will be another long post trying to catch up. I will do my best to shorten it as much as I can.

Christopher "graduated" from his first school here, BOLCII. YAY! It is finally over - after 7 long weeks - which means I am done having to stay alone all the time. They had a little BBQ so Mayva and I went. There were NO other families or wives there - we were the only two not in uniform... :) but it was ok, Mayva was definitely center of attention. Everyone LOVED her. Christopher let her off the leash and she ran around to everyone (]and actually got fed her first bit of people food...without our consent)! Christopher's First Sergeant fell in love with her :) here is their picture.
Me with my puppy girl on the way to the BBQ. Mayva with Christopher's First Sergeant.
Mavya Jade trying to be center of attention among the sea of boots. :)

Mayva is definitely a people person and LOVES getting all of the attention. I think she expects it. :) But she is so cute, no one can not pay her attention. That night we went to dinner at a restaurant called Meers. It is in a town called Meers. It's probably about a 20 to 30 minute drive from our house. But supposively, it is the "place to go while your here." A few of Christopher's buddies from West Point are also done with BOLCII and will be going on to their next post for their OBC. So we went to dinner as a "goodbye" because they don't know when they will see each other again. They slaughter their meat at the restaurant itself. It was pretty good food. They are known for their hamburgers. Their most famous one is a "seismic burger" . I had a cheeseburger. Christopher had a steak. They sell their steaks by the ounce - smallest starting out at 8. I have to say his steak was better than my burger, but maybe it was just because I wasn't feeling a burger. We had their fried green tomatoes as an appetizer. The breading on it wasn't great at all. But Christopher had fried okra with his meal and it was amazing. We had a great time. Below is a picture of the restaurant that looks a little crazy on the outside (and on the inside - but the food is very good), Christopher completely enjoying his steak, and a picture of him and his buddies - Rob, the one on the left and Brent, the one second in from the right are the ones that were leaving. We sure already miss them so much and hanging out with them all the time. On our way to Meers. Meers - outside the restaurant. And again.

Christopher enjoying his yummy steak.
Christopher and his buddies. (LtoR: Rob, John Paul, and Brent)

We finally went to the wildlife refuge. Everyone has been telling us to go. It was quite an experience. We were able to see tons of buffalo, longhorn, prairie dogs and some turkey!!! I took tons of pictures, the buffalo are huge and pictures of prairie dogs for mom. :) Of course we took Mayva Jade and she had a blast. Christopher tried to make her chase the prairie dogs but she didn't seem too interested. Funny story from the refuge, we were leaving and on the right side of the road there was a buffalo like RIGHT next to the street. So Christopher stopped so I could get a good, up close picture. Well, this buffalo had just woken up. And he wasn't very happy. I honestly told Christopher to be ready because I was so afraid this buffalo was going to charge at my car, on MY side. So as I go to take a picture it was looking at me and opens his mouth with his tongue out and made this super loud like...grunting noise? HAHAHA. I wish we could make the sound for you - if you have never heard a buffalo. It's kind of like "MAAAAAAAA"? That really doesn't do it justice. But we did get a great laugh out of it. We left after that, because mister buffalo was not happy with us. Below are some pictures of the wildlife that we saw.

The one who wasn't happy with us! :)

Sunday, August 23rd we went to church on Sunday morning and Sunday night. After church for lunch we tried this new Italian restaurant, Luigi's with another one of our couple friends. It was very good. We have been to Olive Garden a few times, but it's just not good at all out here. We were very impressed with this new place we found. I came home and took a nap because I had an awful headache while Christopher was an awesome husband and watched the dog and cleaned up the house. We went back to church for the first time on Sunday night since Christopher didn't have to go back to the barracks. Christopher keeps saying, it's ironic how we've only tried one church since coming out here to Oklahoma but each time we go back he likes it more - and I completely agree. I love the praise and worship time - really gets your mind focused on why you are there and off things "I should be doing." The pastor and his wife always speak to us every time we have gone there. They both remember us - and we really have taken a great liking to them. Each message we have heard have been awesome. It was funny because he was talking about couples and marriages on this particular Sunday morning, he was using an illustration - and funny Christopher leaned over in my ear and said "I liked it better when we were only dating because these married things didn't apply to me." :) After the service that Sunday night, we FINALLY went to see a movie. We say EVERY weekend we want to see a movie but have not seen one since before the wedding!!! But let me say we saw the most disgusting movie EVER. I am not really a movie buff, nor do I really pay attention to what is out and we always see what Christopher wants to see. I always see the manly movies and don't really mind. I told him, that was the LAST time I will ever see a movie without knowing what it is. It was awful, morbid, and my face was in my knees over half the movie. I couldn't even eat the popcorn he bought. Now I do have a really weak stomach, but please believe, there were times Christopher closed his eyes!!!

Christopher had off from that Friday to Tuesday. It was a much needed break for him and awesome to finally have my husband back home after 7 weeks of being alone. Monday morning I got up and had some cinnamon rolls in the oven when he woke up. Monday was our 6 year anniversary. Christopher and I have been together for 6 years!!! I cannot believe it. Our relationship has definitely had its ups and downs. But I know that I love my husband more than anything and would do anything for him. I am so incredibly proud of him and all that he has done and is doing. God has blessed me with him and I never imagined our relationship would have survived everything it has over these past 6 years - nor did I have any clue what God had for Christopher, for myself and our relationship when we first started dating. From starting out him in high school his senior year, to being together at UNF, to him leaving and us surviving 4 years of us being apart while he was at West Point, to marrying him and now being here in Oklahoma with him. And of course what is to come. The blessings God has already given us, continues to give us, and will give us in the future. On Monday for our anniversary Christopher wanted to go play golf so I was going to go with him. Well, we attempted to go, but they are closed on Monday's. SO he was HIGHLY disappointed. So, instead, he drove me around on post where the FOB was and where he spent his time in the field for 3 weeks of BOLCII - saw Geronimo's grave, which is also located on post. We then went and had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and he decided to do the "blazin' challenge". Which I believe consists of 12 of their hottest wings, he had 6 minutes to eat all of them with no drink or any other food or sauce (such as ranch or blue cheese). He did it. The prize was, he got the wings for free and he got a t-shirt. He was so proud. Now ,Christopher has been bugged by his buddies all of West Point to do this. And as many times as they went and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings while he was in NY I have NO idea why he chose to do it with me ha. The rest of the day consisted of chilling and a lot of nothing. It was nice to finally be together and just spend some time with each other. Pictures below.
Happy 6 years to the love of my life!!!
Geronimo's Grave

This one is for my Daddy. :) His nickname for me is Lulu. Who knew it was
Geronimo's daughters name. :)
Christopher doing the "blazin' challenge"

Christopher with his PRIZED tshirt he won. :) He was SO excited.

Tuesday, August 25th we went back on post for Christopher to be able to play golf. He warmed up on the driving range and attempted to teach me how to hit. I kept telling him of all the years my father and brother played golf and neither of them ever taught me to hit a ball is ridiculous. With Christopher, it was the blind leading the blind! ;) He has just begun playing golf, but poor thing doesn't really know what he is doing. I wish someone could teach him...ahem...DAD...BUB. :) But it was SO much fun to say the least. He only played 9 holes. I don't know if I could have done 18. I just sat in the cart and rode around while he played with this little old man that he got matched up with because the little old man wasn't so great himself. They were good for each other. We spent a lot of time in the cart looking for Christopher's lost balls. :) It was gorgeous. Everyone was telling Christopher "you brought your wife!" but Christopher said I was very enjoyable. Even though I laughed at him a lot ha. We had a blast together! Below are a few pictures from the day.
My SUPER handsome hubby! :)

Warming up on the driving range. My attempt to hit a golf ball. I couldn't stop laughing. :) Us driving around on the golf cart.Where is Christopher? :)
As always I have all other pictures posted on the other web site because there are way too many to post them all here. Here is the web site just in case...
Christopher and Courtney